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​About Us




Elisabeth Chambers
Head of Support Services.  
 BA (Hons), MSc, Professional Practice  (Learning Disabilities) Dip Eu Hum, Adv Dip  Spec Ed,  PGCE-FE/HE, AMBDA (FE/HE),
 SpLD APC  (Dyslexia Guild).

Elisabeth began her career by teaching in the community before moving to further education where she delivered Key Skills.  From there she developed an interest in Specific Learning Differences and has spent over fifteen years gaining experience and formal qualifications in this field.  Elisabeth is experienced in delivering diagnostic assessments, writing and delivering training programmes, overseeing the Continuing Professional Development of specialist study skills tutors, and carrying out specialist study skills support in higher education.  Elisabeth has been regularly nominated by her students for an Outstanding Support Award which reflects her dedication to their development as learners.   Elisabeth's particular areas of interest are ASD and ADHD.  She is currently researching holistic approaches to the ADHD learner in Higher Education.  Elisabeth is also an  award winning author ​ with some of her publications including books for reluctant readers. 

Graeme Chambers

Finance Director & Company Secretary. 
BSc (Hons), FCA, AMCT.

Graeme has extensive experience working within audit, risk management and compliance, primarily within the financial services sector, over a career spanning twenty years as both an external consultant and internal specialist.  Graeme’s recent experience in a senior management role within a large financial services company will enable him to support the ongoing accounting and statutory reporting side of Beacon, advising his fellow director on good governance and record-keeping. Graeme is a graduate of the University of Bradford Management Centre, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and an Associate Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Lucy Maullin
Support Manager

BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), MSc Social Science Research Methods, PGCE, APG (Dyslexia Guild)
Lucy has worked within schools, FE and HE as a teacher, specialist study skills tutor and mentor. After teaching Basic Skills and Key Skills in Further Education, she followed her interest in psychology, Specific Learning Differences and disability through further studies. Lucy applied her knowledge and experience by teaching AS and A2 psychology, and working as a 1-1 study skills tutor in Higher Education. HE became her sole focus after completion of her Master’s degree, which gave her the opportunity to research the perception of stigma on students’ access to support. Lucy has continued to develop her CPD to underpin her focus on putting students first, was nominated by her students for an Outstanding Support Award (2015/2016) and won Specialist Tutor of the Year Award (2017).

Amy Ward
Assistive Technology Support and Development Manager

BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology, MA SEN/ALN, ProfGCE FE/HE, CELTA, MBPsS (British Psychological Society), ATS FE/HE (British Dyslexia Assoc.), ADG FE/HE (Dyslexia Guild)
A common thread throughout Amy’s varied career has been her passion for training, continued professional development, and all forms of academic study. Starting her training and development career, Amy delivered a range of NVQ programmes across England and Wales, only leaving to further challenge herself by co-managing a public house/restaurant in Wales. Later returning to education as a mature student, Amy achieved BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology where she developed an interest in Specific Learning Differences, and more broadly, how to promote effective learning throughout a student’s higher education (HE) experience.  Since then, Amy has spent nine years dedicated to all aspects of HE teaching, and using her experience, professional development, and own academic achievements, Amy specialises in delivering tailored NMH specialist study skills support to DSA funded higher education students, both at traditional institutions, and to those studying with the Open University.  Amy has been awarded ‘Specialist Tutor of the Year (2018) for the provision of outstanding student support’, highlighting her commitment and passion for supporting HE students effectively. A particular area of interest of Amy’s is assistive technology, and stemming from her experiences of working with HE students, Amy pursued a Masters in Special Educational Needs/Additional Learning Needs, focussing her research on student’s use of educational assistive technology in HE from the perspective of NMH specialist study skills tutors.  Amy now manages a team of AT Trainers, and is particularly focussed on developing strategies and materials that promote the creative delivery of AT training to compliment a student’s specific requirements and environment.

Holly Muller
Communications Officer

Holly Müller is an experienced specialist Study Skills Tutor and Academic Mentor (Mental Health Mentor), having worked in HE settings with students with disabilities, SpLDs and mental health issues for seven years. Holly is an Associate Member of the Dyslexia Guild. She has a background in English Literature and creative writing, having completing her doctorate in 2016 with a PhD in Creative Writing. She is a professional author, short story writer and musician. Holly is Beacon Support’s Communications Officer, which involves running Beacon’s social media sites, conducting research, disseminating relevant information to the team, and writing content for Beacon’s website


We believe in putting our students first.  We are passionate about adding value to our learners and promise to maintain a consistent level of quality in our service provision. ​

We subscribe to the social model of disability and believe that any 'problem' is not in the learner but in the wider environment.  It is the environment that is disabling and so it is our responsibility to adapt the environment to enable our students to succeed.

We empathise with the stress that can accompany a personal learning journey and are committed to a holistic approach which includes wellbeing.   Every student is valued and we promise to assume a highly individualised bespoke approach for each  learner.

We are also fully committed to supporting our staff and senior staff assume responsibility for setting the culture within Beacon.  We want staff to feel valued and appreciated.   We believe that staff will provide the best support within a positive environment in which they are fully supported and encouraged, and this is our promise to every employee.

​​Brain in Hand and Assistive Technology Trainers​. 

Our Assistive Technology (AT) team is fully trained in Brain in Hand and Assistive Technology.  

Our AT trainers regularly engage with CPD to ensure they are up-to-date with current and emerging technology.

The majority of our AT team has a background in study skills and/or mentoring.  AT trainers draw from their wider skills and knowledge to ensure that the AT training they deliver is relevant to their students' studies.  

Once our AT trainers have established their student's learning profile, they agree a learning plan with the student which ensures that the AT training sessions are mapped to the student's course of learning.  We have found that this helps students to connect their AT with their university studies which results in a higher engagement with their AT.

Visual Stress Screeners. 

Visual Stress is a condition whereby individuals are sensitive to glare and experience visual distoritions when they read, even though they may have perfectly good eyesight.  Children are often diagnosed with ADHD or Dyslexia when visual stress is actually to blame. Many of our students have visual stress to varying degrees.  Our qualified screeners can provide our students with relevant advice and guidance.

Specialist Study Skills Tutors and Mentors.

​Our Specialist Study Skills Tutors and Mentors are all registered with a professional body.  They have received National Autistic Society (NAS) training and have many years experience in supporting disabled students.  We ensure that all of our staff regularly engage with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so that their knowledge of disabled students' needs and how best to meet them is up-to-date.  The team at Beacon is  passionate about student experience and fully supporting learners towards autonomy.

Other non medical helpers (NMH): Note takers and Practical Support Assistants.

Our team is experienced in providing individual support to disabled students to ensure they are not placed at a disadvantage as a result of their disabilities.  They are  able to assist disabled students to access their curriculum and other aspects of university life.  They are DBS checked.

Beacon NMH workers  provide personal support and assistance to disabled students in a range of learning settings.  Staff are highly flexible and dedicated in the way they deliver their support.

​Specific Learning Solutions for Specific Learning Differences​​

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